Something has gone wrong and Shades have begun to infect each other with Dark Essence. Available in two-team and free-for-all variants.


  • Hold off the infected until the end of the match if you are uninfected.
  • Spread your infection as much as possible if you are infected.

Free-For-All (FFA) Rules:

  • One player is randomly selected to be Patient Zero, whose essence auto-refills much faster than other players. Patient Zero must hunt down and infect as many of the other players as possible.
  • Other players operate as normal except they take more damage when attacked by Patient Zero, and will not become petrified by other players if attacked while low on essence.
  • Players that get infected join Patient Zero in spreading the infection. Infected players cannot harm each other.
  • If an infected player spreads enough of their infected essence to fill their infection meter, they will return to their uninfected state but with low essence. This does not apply to Patient Zero.
  • The last uninfected player standing gets special traits to aid in their endeavor to hold off everyone.
  • The match ends when either everyone becomes infected or the timer runs out.

Two-Team Rules:

  • Base rules are the same as FFA.
  • Players are divided equally into two teams of carriers and uninfected.
  • Carriers do not deal more damage like Patient Zero in FFA, but they still auto-refill their Essence faster than uninfected players, albeit to a lesser extent than in FFA.
  • Uninfected players can no longer damage each other, and the amount of essence retained after returning from an infected state is a higher than in FFA.

Win conditions:

  • FFA
    • Players are ranked by how long they were not infected.
    • Patient Zero is ranked by how many players are infected by the end of the match and for how long.
  • Two-Team
    • If everyone is infected, the players that were originally on the carrier team win.
    • If the timer runs out, the players that were originally on the uninfected team win.