The first full game implemented in TheraEngine.

Tetris is a fairly simple classic video game, so I felt that it would be a perfect candidate to implement in the engine as a test. On the left you can see a demo gameplay session I recorded. The user interface and controls are about as basic as it gets but the game itself is there and that's all the proof of concept I really needed. It even has looping music, randomly playing one of five songs every session!

With some more work, blocks could easily be textured, blocks could flash before clearing, a user interface with high score, current score and next block could be implemented, a two player battle mode could be added, and maybe some modern Tetris gameplay features could be added as well.

If you're interested in seeing how it was programmed or adding to the project yourself, the source code for this project is currently available to patrons on Patreon who pledge $10 or more for test builds and engine access. The compiled game will eventually be released for free once we update the UI and gameplay options.