Age: 19

Occupation: Marks assistant

Race: Theran

Skill Set: Flying, Kicking, agility

Bio: Angie grew up with Mark, constantly in hiding. An introvert that grew up away from any form of proper society, Angie rarely sparks conversation, and normally only responds with short sentences, unless it’s something she needs to bring up, being hard to talk to others. Not very good at expressing herself, Angie can appear to be very calm and collected and even cold, despite feeling emotions very strongly. Due to her high intelligence and her own strong emotional experiences, she understands other people in depth and is willing to be very patient.

Other: Despite her tomboyish nature, Angie really has a thing for flowers

She’s very self-conscious about her appearances, and don’t like to use her wings.

In response to being afraid of being judged she ended up developing a tomboy personality.