Well, when it comes to gameplay you've got: 

  • A dynamic 3rd person camera and unrestrained movement in 3D space. Feel free to explore the world and look at your character.
  • A balanced roster of different characters with their own play style, set of attacks, and special moves. Choose your favorite!
  • Both melee weapons and guns that can be used as an advantage - both will be balanced appropriately, don't worry.
  • Target locking for close quarters combat - camera is constrained to the target and attacks always move towards them. Allows for combat with more depth (combos, various moves performed using different sequences of button inputs, better view of combat and better control, etc)
  • A shield system that takes hits for you until it breaks, which results in you taking damage to your health which you will need a health pack to recover. Shields will regenerate after a certain time period passes (even if broken).
  • Full game mode customization for multiplayer. Choose exactly how you want the game to go down. Don't want to allow any guns? Can do. Don't want shields? Can do. Want to apply a certain parameter change only once a specific requirement is met? Can do!
  • A radar to see where your opponents are in relation to your position.
  • A special gauge that is increased with consecutive hits and with time, and drained by being hit or using special moves related to your character.
  • A mainly-linear story within a limited open world
  • Both melee and gun action sequences, puzzles, and boss fights within the story mode

Concept art for the in-game HUD: 

Concept control scheme: