3D: Model commissions

We offer four main services for this. They are as follows:

  • Model: 15$/H

The three-dimensional model itself.

The textures, which determine the color and/or 2D details of the model.

The UVs, which determine how the textures are applied to the model and how detailed they can be.

Due to my style of modeling, I use simple textures and uvs. This is non-negotiable.

  • Rigging: 10$/H

This is a two-part process:

  1. The bones/skeleton
  2. The weighting

The model needs to be attached to a bone tree, which will determine what can and cannot move and how it will move, and the weighting will determine which part moves to which bone. The bone tree itself takes little to no time, but the weighting can get complicated. How long it will take depends on how detailed a rig you want.

  • Animation: 15$ per second of animation, 24 frames per second
  • Animation: 20$ per second of animation, 60 frames per second

This one’s a bit more difficult and will probably cost you a pretty penny. This can also be split up into various ways depending on your needs.

1: Scratch concept:

Say you have your own OCs (Original Characters) and you write a script featuring them doing something. And you think “HEY! This would make a good animation.” Well, that’s where we come in. Hand in that script to us and give us the details and we can be on our way. This is a fairly lengthy and expensive project though, and requires the following;

Models: Gotta have something on screen right? If it’s an OC, we're going to have to make the model from scratch, ya know.

Rigging: Models need to move somehow.

Animation: The core of this, the movement itself. Once the other parts are finished we can move onto this.

Rendering: Turns that animation into a video. This determines quality, and affects how long it takes to get made.

After effects: Anything we need to add in, but can't make in the 3D program. Or maybe you want cool drawn 2D special effects instead of molded 3D ones.

2: Concept of a concept:

Say you have a favorite thingymajig, Naruto perhaps, and you already have models for it and you also happen to have, say, a fanfic using the characters you have models of, and you'd like to turn it into a video. Well, that takes a step out of the process!  In a situation like this, we can start with the rigging step and move forward.

3: Animation:

So you have rigged models and a story to tell, but you can’t animate or do all them neat effects and stuff afterwards. That's why we're here. At this point, we'd continue on from animating  and go from there.

  • Renders: Price to be determined.

Renders are a touch-and-go subject. If you have me make you a model and rig it, chances are I am also going to make a render, but it’s going to be a very simple one for showing off the model. If you want to request a render when I do this, I’ll make what you want me to.

If you want a 3D render of a character, but don’t want the model or anything. I will have to make the character, but I won’t have to rig it or anything, and since you won’t need to use the model for anything else, I can make it in the render pose which would be a little bit cheaper than having me model/rig then pose it. So I guess you could call that a 3D version of a 2D commission.