By purchasing my art services, you automatically agree to the following conditions.
Please read this entirely and carefully. I will deny your project if you do not agree to these terms.
If you have any questions, please email me at


• All payment should be in USD. Via paypal.

• All payment should be made through invoice method. I will invoice you. DO NOT send me any payment, it will be refunded.

• Payment is due in full up front for any commission equal to or below $100 USD. (Upfront Fee in contract)

   For amounts greater than $100 USD, payment plans are available depend on the price and your circumstances, but an initial payment of 40$ will be required.

I do not accept payment from shared paypal accounts. (If you are a minor/use your parent's that is one thing, I do not however accept payments from people who share a paypal with several people, other clients/boyfriends/random strangers.)

• Once I start your commission, I cannot refund you the full amount. This is negotiable depending on individual details. Because of paypal fees, taxes and transfer fees, I can only refund %80 if by client's fault. If I cancel a project however I will reimburse the lost fees and refund %100.

• Do not base your expected price for any project on past projects with other clients. Every client and project is different, and in many cases, discounts have been given, or gratuities have been added. Discuss payment size, time-frame and more with me individually for each project.

• All prices are negotiable. Please contact me to discuss, as each project and client is different.


By commissioning me, you are purchasing my service as an artist only. I retain all copyrights over my work, which include but are not limited to the right to redistribute, reproduce, or use the image as a sample for sales/self-promotion, unless otherwise agreed upon.

• I will respect your request for privacy if you'd prefer me not to post your project publicly. Discuss with me prior to starting.
• I will not claim the Intellectual Property or reuse/resell your design for personal or commercial projects unless agreed upon.
• I reserve the right to decline any project or client for any reason without questions*. This includes clients who have not read these terms.
• I reserve the right to use rejected work for any future project, be it personal or otherwise.


The commissioner (client) may display my work on external sites as long as it is visibly credited and linked back to me. You may not however upload or host my work in any gallery that is intended for your own work only (i.e. deviantart, weasyl, furaffinity, ect.) Once a piece has been commissioned, You may use it for personal uses, including but not limited to signatures, icons, avatars, layouts, wallpapers, themes and personal page/site displays.

• You retain rights to the Intellectual Property
• You may not claim the work to be their own or anyone elses but mine. 
• You may not edit it without permission
• You may not set it up for redistribution, external projects, commercial or non-commercial. (i.e. t-shirts, mugs, public flyers, ect)


• I have the right to decline a project if there is too short a time allowance.
• If you have a deadline/time constraints, you must tell me before paying. 
• If you did not alert me to a deadline, I reserve the right to take up to 2 weeks to begin work on your project and a month afterwards to finish. Day count begins when I receive payment. Projects are usually completed within two weeks of payment though. 
• If you did not alert me to a deadline, please do not note me reminders unless a week or more has past. 
• Generally, I begin and complete projects in the order that payments are received. 
• If it has been less than a week since you paid, and I am working on personal art, gifts or trades, please understand that I do these things as 'warmups' often or to recharge, and while tired, when doing paid commissions might result in less than satisfactory work. Do not rush me if it hasn't been over a week. 
• When waiting for me to complete a project for you, please remember that I am a full time worker with this as a secondary job. If you've paid me, I promise to do my best to fulfill your order as soon as possible, I am very grateful for your support!



• Client will be expected to first read my TOS and preferably understand my general Commission Prices.
• You will then contact me regarding your proposed project, revealing any details including but not limited to, your proposed budget, size specifics, desired colors/details/accessories, any possible time constraints, ect.
• After I receive initial Payment I will begin work on your project, providing you with project updates and screenshots periodically to ensure I am properly meeting your requirements.
 • Please be available to provide feedback during this time. If you cannot/don't want to provide feedback, I will not be responsible for misunderstandings regarding the finished design.
• You may request minor changes during all stages, I will not however, start all over once the design is finished if you were not actively providing feedback throughout the modeling process.
• Please always be clear when giving details or asking for changes. Use of example images, palettes and gallery examples is encouraged!


• It is wholly the Client's duty to retain and save any information, screenshots, finished works, cropped art sets, and any other digital items I provide for them within the project.
• While I tend to keep backups of all my work, any file you paid for will not guaranteed available after 6 months. 
• I am not required or bound to post your project in any public space, and if posted, I am not required or bound to keep it there indefinitely.
• I have the right to delete or remove any public project, even if you paid for it, as you should have your own copy for personal use as defined in above sections.
• I take measures to preserve most files in safe locations if Client would ever need a new copy in the future, but I cannot guarantee against computer failure or accidental deletion or loss.


Sexual violence, Babyfurs/Diapers . Pedophilia, Bestiality, any explicit sexual material, demons, anything regarding the dead
If you're not sure if I'd accept your idea, please elaborate on your request privately.

This document can and will be edited at any time without the need of further notice.
Last update: 12/08/2016