Age: 17

Occupation: Wasteland Mechanic

Race: Wastelander

Skill Set: Powerhouse, mechanical Knowledge, being angry all the time

Bio: A hot shot mechanic, Carly is very skilled for her age. Known thought the wasteland for being able to fix some of the most busted up junk. She’s also known for her temperament. Due to her reputation Mark has used her services a few times and Carlys come to see him as sort of a rival always trying to one up him, though its more one sided. Carlys bad at being honest with herself and to others and getting across what she means. This often frustrates her, causing her to get mad very easily. She gets flustered really easy and isn’t able to properly communicate her feelings. She is however, very talkative and hard headed. If there’s a problem she’ll likely try to answer with brute force.

Other: She’s a grease monkey who views machines with the same passion an artist does art.

Carly loves to drink. Mark used to be her drinking partner before he stoped visiting her.

Carly did time in the past for a crime she didn’t commit, and as such, has a strong hate for Thera and its people.